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Ephemeral Art & Practice Symposium

Heading to New Albany, Indiana and Louisvile, Kentucky to set up an installation and speak on a panel in the Ephemeral Art and Practice Symposium. All of the events are listed below including a description of the ideas behind the symposium.


The Ephemeral, The Evolving

Barr Gallery, Indiana University Southeast

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 7th, 4:15-6pm

Curated by Brian Harper

Artists: Courtney Kessel, Joyce Ogden, Linda Swanson

The Ephemeral, The Fleeting

McGrath Gallery, Bellarmine University

Opening Reception: Friday, November 8th, 4:30-6:30pm

Tiffany Carbonneau

Artists: Letitia Quesenberry, Natalie Tornatore, Lisa Walcott


Moments and Methods

Panel Discussion moderated by Emily Sheehan

Ogle Center Recital Hall, Indiana University Southeast

November 7th, 2:15-4:15

Panelists: Courtney Kessel, Joyce Ogden, Linda Swanson

Ephemeral Art: A Curator's Perspective

Panel Discussion moderated by Karen Gillenwater

Horrigan Hall, Bellarmine University

November 8th, 1:00am-1:00pm

Panelists: Ginger Shulick-Porcella, Yasmeen Siddiqui, Joey Yates

Ephemera and Objecthood

Panel Discussion moderated by Ginger Shulick-Porcella

Horrigan Hall, Bellarmine University

November 8th, 2:30-4:30

Panelists: Letitia Quesenberry, Natalie Tornatore, Lisa Walcott

Symposium Overview

Our commodity-driven culture is filled with physical representations of ideologies, where objects become embodiments of memory and merit. As we are drawn to tangible, physical materials and the illusion of permanence, we often miss experiences that present themselves in impermanent and intangible ways; in unnoticed spaces, in the grey areas of our memory, or in the tension or fluidity of movement. The ephemeral and fleeting nature of these experiences may make them less discernible, yet they are no less authentic.

Many artists are now seeking to highlight an appreciation of transience, where their works of art shift from objects of representation to communicative acts, exploring liminal spaces, changing/evolving materials and the incorporation of chance. The artists and curators involved in this symposium embrace the discourse surrounding ephemeral art, and will analyze the state of art media in their own practice and the practice of others, as it evolves from object to ephemera.

This symposium is hosted by Bellarmine University and Indiana University Southeast Art Program, the Bellarmine McGrath Gallery and the IUS Barr Gallery. Both galleries will exhibit the works of participating artists in two exhibitions: the ephemeral, the fleeting, on display at Bellarmine’s McGrath Gallery, including works by Leticia Quesenberry, Natalie Tornatore and Lisa Walcott, and the ephemeral, the evolving, on display at IUS’ Barr Gallery, with works by Courtney Kessel, Joyce Ogden and Linda Swanson.

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