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We Are Time's Subjects

Solo Exhibition at Galateea Gallery | Bucharest, Romania | 2017


We know that time has passed when something has changed. Things embody their own time. They are accretions of time, each inflection of form and material articulating a distinct moment. Our bodies are no different. Our age appears in our skin, the smoothness of our face and hands hardening into furrows and scars to reveal our intimate histories. 


While we measure time linearly, our experience of it is dense. Time is thick, embedded deep within things. In the landscape, we sense the accumulation of millions of years as mountains and valleys while a momentary breeze rises and passes away. I am interested in these different qualities of time, and how time can be experienced in the movement and formation of matter.


“We are time’s subjects” engages the density of time through raw and kiln-fired ceramic materials. An ephemeral installation features the interaction of water with dry clay, salts and other minerals to produce material formations that evolve over the course of the exhibition. These momentary transformations of materials are juxtaposed with permanent transformations by fire in the kiln-fired ceramic pieces, manifesting the disjunctive temporalities of water and fire through clay.

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