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Fragilité Entrelacée

La Guilde, Montreal | 2022

Curator's Statement

Through the exploration of the entanglement between us—humans—and the environment, the exhibition Entangled Fragility aims to increase awareness of this delicate relationship. Our own fragility is always entangled with that of nature. 

The emerging and established artists in the exhibition master a medium celebrated at La Guilde, whether it be ceramic, glass, metal, wood, beading, textiles, organic materials, or photography. In their respective artistic practices, they capture the greatness of nature, reflect on our dependence on the environment or pursue research on the provenance of the raw material used to create their works. While every artist has a unique aesthetic, their works are intertwined through the common themes they explore and the messages they transcend. Some remind us to pay attention to the fragility of nature by bringing its details to light, others confront us by combining organic and inorganic materials or addressing cultural concerns and the resilience needed to face the impacts of climate change. The Indigenous and Fine Crafts artists in the exhibition all share their lived experiences with the changing environment from their respective cultural backgrounds. The world is changing, and these artists are capturing it in their own way. 

Through the materiality and fragility of the works, Entangled Fragility forges links between the precarity of our environment, the impact of our footprint on the world, and our own frailty. The exhibition strives to provoke a dialogue about the transformative power of art and our impact—individually and collectively—on our surroundings, the physical, social, and cultural environments. It highlights our dependence on nature as a way to increase awareness of the repercussions of climate change. We invite you to take this opportunity to slow down, appreciate the moment, reconnect with the land, and acknowledge that we are all in this together … that we are all entangled.

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